as Lao-tse wrote 'A tree as big around as you can reach, start with a small seed: a thousand miles journey starts with one step.'

why the "Tree" Foundation

The Tree Foundation was created to help individuals in rural areas grow into unique, healthy happy people who contribute to their communities and the world at large. What better way to symbolise this than a seed whose very outline represents the paradise island of Sri Lanka filled with beauty, nature and historical ancestry. Working with locals, through locals, and in response to the needs of locals, The foundation's aim is to help people through sustainable development in balance with local and international communities, nature & the environment, to blossom and become strong. Just like a tree.

As Lao-tse wrote "A tree as big around as you can reach, starts with a small seed: a thousand mile journey starts with one step."

The shape of the blue seed of our logo is symbolic of the shape of Sri Lanka.

The Logo is Trade Mark protected and should only be used with the express written permission of the Tree Foundation.

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