as Lao-tse wrote 'A tree as big around as you can reach, start with a small seed: a thousand miles journey starts with one step.'

Partners of The Tree Foundation




One of the strengths of the Tree Foundation is it has a strong network of local contacts. This ranges from local school principals to priests, village elders/ leaders to local grassroots organizations. As a result all the aid recipients come with references from the local communities they live in. In addition, the Tree Foundation has its own vetting process to validate all the aid requests. For this purpose, the Tree Foundation relies heavily on local partners.

In addition to numerous local partners the Tree Foundation also works with key international organizations that assist the foundation in reaching its true goal of helping the local communities.

International Labor Organization's Sri Lanka office is one of these organizations that Tree Foundation has formed a partnership with. ILO recommends a number of Filed Officers for Tree Foundation to hire who then carry out regular monitoring of the funded projects and the progress of the students who are receiving aid from the Foundation.

Tree Foundation is also privileged in being supported by several international companies, who generously donate to the foundation's work. Among these companies are the Change Group International PLC, the Financial News, and Serendip Spa to mention but a few of the foundation's most avid supporters.

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